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Nine out of 10 consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its authenticity!

Knowing your brand is not enough, consumers must be able to identify with it and trust it!


“Who gives a crap?” – an edgy question or a brand name? What would you call Brand YOu?

Our client talking about his own authenticity – emotional mastery

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Work With us for the Best Results

To encourage customer loyalty and build your business, you have to be authentic. But how do you bring authenticity to Brand You?

Your business is a reflection of you. We discover what celebrates your unique qualities which resonate with your ideal client base in order to rapidly grow your business.

Being Yourself is its Own Reward

You have the vision, passion and, ultimately, the courage to start and run your own business. We want to grow your business by helping to create Brand You that emotively connects with your signature audience. It creates sticky loyalty from which customers will pay a premium because they understand, connect and want to reward your authenticity.

An example of  colour in Brand You guidelines

Launch Pad For Your Purpose BrandBrand You


The Obvious

Quite often just below your conscious surface is your authenticity is lost in the rumble of every-day life. It is quite difficult to understand, let alone communicate to the world. We provide a very natural and fluid Fire-side chat along with the tools to celebrate and articulate what matters most to you. Your greatest assets that those closet to you connect most with.

How Can We Help?

Here at the Fourth Space, it is our goal to help you understand, articulate and celebrate the “obvious authenticity” that motivates your purpose. It will help you to see yourself and the world around you in a whole new light.

Miranda Birch A great explainer of “The obvious”


Launch Pad For Your Purpose BrandBrand You

How Can We Help?

This is a fully collaborative process, using our tried-and-tested techniques to reveal your life-force, what gives you that huge feeling of well-being. We start with an informal fireside chat, and, from that, we will build your word-cloud and work on your colour psychology, choosing a font and key messages that best represent your brand. These assets make up your Soul Compass Brand®, which we present in A Little Book of Brand  You. This e-book will provide you with brand guidelines that are guaranteed to work.

These guidelines will draw like-minded people to your business, offering your authentic aura to the appropriate audience and save you much time and money explaining Brand You to all your creative partners

Once you have your authenticity on show, you will build a tribe of loyal customers, allowing you to charge a premium for your product.

Launch Pad For Your Purpose BrandBrand You

  • 9 out of 10 consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its authenticity, including 52 percent who would recommend the brand to others and 49 percent who would pledge loyalty to the brand.


Source: Cohn and Wolfe survey

Launch Pad For Your Purpose BrandBrand You

Why Our Clients Love Us…

“I spent twenty odd years trying to work out what I was about, and I got more out of this in two months.”
– Sanjay Shah (Emotional mastery)

“It felt like a very fluid, very natural conversation which took place, which really opened up a number of avenues that I never would have thought are so powerful in making me the person I am today, and then, building the future of me within my business as we move forward.”
– Katie Hart

Launch Pad For Your Purpose BrandBrand You

The Story Behind The Fourth Space

It has taken me a long time to find my own path. Now that I know who I am and what my focus is and how to communicate it, I want to help you to do the same thing. Your authenticity is unique to you and is your greatest asset.

It is one of life’s greatest joys and right to find your own mission in life and make a living from it. Don’t waste time waiting for opportunity to knock – our process has been tried and tested many times in the last three years, the results are there for all to see in our client’s phenomenal testimonials.

A Key Part of Your Marketing Campaign

Your authenticity is something that your business absolutely cannot function without. This is a key part of your branding and company tone, helping to build a connection and rapport with your target audience.

The easier it is to attract your clients/customers and establish financial security, the easier it is to get on with what you love every day’!