Looking for the next step? Are you:

An entrepreneur looking to connect your business with the audience you most identify with?

Aware that you can do far more, but looking for the framework that helps you re-launch?

Changing to a more rewarding career path and seeking a vision to help you?

Starting a new journey in life and aiming to kickstart your genuine ambition?

Thought leaders · Culture changers · Creators · Founders


If any of this sounds like you, then the proven methods of The Fourth Space will help you maximise the potential of your authentic self.

Our Approach

The Fourth Space’s passionately believes there is no your freedom than making a living from what matters to you and gives you life-force. It is a human right. We support that freedom to choose with a guided journey to understanding, owning and naturally connecting Brand You to your audience.

This is for you if you are a Thought Leader, Culture Changer, Creator or Founder who wants to spark energy and positivity by becoming the champion of your own unique vision. You may already be leading the charge, but this is an awakening that will create a champion of your own destiny.

What we do

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Your Soul-Compass Brand®

The Soul-Compass Brand® is a unique product of our approach. Your Soul Compass is a personal ‘north star’, which we generate for you by taking your intangible drivers and making them tangible.

You will keep your Soul Compass as a guide and navigator going forward – a powerful visual affirmation of your authentic self, for yourself and your audience.

Download our full guide of how we work with you.

  • Your brand – a powerful visual transmitter of your purpose and values.
  • Your visual strategy – we combine colour and design psychology and your business model to connect your authenticity to your customers. How much do you know about colour, try our  colour quiz?
  • Your verbal identity – the font, tone and language you use to attract and retain your audience.
  • Your personal manifesto – “Little of Book of You”: how your inner drivers, mission and visual strategy draw you and the people you most want to work with together.

Sample Little Book of You


Meaningful outcomes

The Fourth Space has taught people from many walks of life to define and align with their authentic purpose

“I spent twenty odd years to work out what I was about and  I got more out of this in two months….”

Sanjay Shah, Entrepreneur

“I really love the concept of the Little Book of Katie… Something I can share with creatives that cuts to the really salient points they need to convey. I use it to remind myself what I stand for, what am I all about. Really, really useful”

Katie Hart, Neuromarketing

“What I realised, and has now become my sense of purpose that underpins everything I do…”

Miranda Birch, Media

“I would absolutely recommend …”

Katie Hart, Owner Neuromarketing

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    A journey from the heart

    People said I had it all.The academic record, the high-flying career, a picture-perfect lifestyle to die for. Except it led only in one direction – misery. The picture wasn’t a picture of me, and I had become a stranger to myself. Over time, this took its toll. I was destroying my own mental and physical health.

    I needed a survival plan; I needed a way to rediscover myself. And I had to do this the hard way – therapy, fitness and a radical change of lifestyle. I had to pare myself right back to the core to learn about who I am, what drives me, what I feel and what my true passions are.

    But, on this journey, I learnt far more. I learnt that my role, my true passion, is to help others on this journey; to help people like you find your true values. You don’t need to stumble in the darkness as I did – I can be your Soul Compass. By using our methods, I can lead you directly to your own authentic self, your purpose brand and connect you to the people you most want to work with.

    You can download The Fourth Space E-Book which is a full guide on our process.

    Life is not a dress rehearsal. Give yourself the gift of discovering your authentic self and making a living from your purpose brand.