Launch Pad For Your Purpose BrandThe Fourth Space’s Product Suite – tailored to Brand You(r) needs


Vanilla: FREE phone call on Brand-You?

No “artificial authenticity”, no “artificial colouring” just a pure “organic” chat

about your needs, about you, about Brand You!






Raspberry: 15 min website colour psychology impact

The  battle for cyber-eyeball’s is fierce, what is your website’s colour psychology impact.
No ego, no opinions, just the science.

A 15 min video delivered to direct your mailbox





90% of your audience will recommend brands they consider to be authentic,

Authentic = Brand You.

The Sundae: Brand You Integrated Course

Online course to discover Brand You. Combined with group accountability and support.
Allows greater flexibility to fit round your life-style and personal needs.
It all culminates in Little Book of Brand You designed and created by you, to launch Brand You

Give us a call to find out more



From £200 per month 


“You could spend years searching on your own trying to discover Brand You”

Truffle: Bespoke 1 :1 tailored solutions for Brand You

For those who want a more personable, tailored approach to launching Brand You.
From anywhere in the world we can listen to your needs
and create a modular bespoke solution.



Bespoke solutions from £7500



It’s not about the price, it not about the product, It IS all about Brand You