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3. A Co-creation: Colouring Brand You

A Co-creation: Colouring Brand You



By the time your target audience has watched you stand up to talk, they have already formed an opinion on your business. When they start to read your website or business card, they have already made a decision based on light wavelengths hitting the back of their eye. Welcome to colouring Brand You


These wavelengths are converted into electrical signals via the retina which are then sent to the brain into an area called the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus, amongst other things, controls body temperature, thirst, appetite, emotions, sleep cycles, your sex drive and blood pressure. It even stimulates the uterus, so it is ready for childbirth. In other words, all the essentials of our survival mechanisms.

That is why colour is instinctively important to our very survival. It tells us whether there is danger near, whether another creature is friend or foe; edible or non-edible. It might not be surprising to know that we have a greater range of survival knowledge in the green spectrum, since this colour makes up so much of nature.  

When it hits the hypothalamus, light, and therefore colour, ceases to be a wavelength and becomes a life-force. A life-force that can be used in colouring Brand You.

Attract Your Crowd: Colouring Brand You

Colouring your purpose brand - The Fourth SpaceColour can affect our bodies in many different ways. It makes up a part of our fight or flight responses at the base of the brain, also known as the reptilian part (yes, our basic functions still operate at that level!) It’s one of the first signals your brain will respond to.

The impact of these electrical signals can be split into four main colour groups: blue, which affects the mind; red, which has an impact on physicality; yellow, which is in control of emotions; and green, which is to do with harmony.

The permutations are endless when viewed through a colour wheel of pastels, shades and combinations. We can discover which colours best represent your greatest assets and essence though our blend of “fire-side chat” distilled into words, themes, tone of voice and colour psychology. Everyone has a combination that will be honest to their soul and therefore attract an audience. The audience you most want to work with. 


– Nick Horton, The Fourth Space founder


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