Launch Pad For Your Purpose Brand

1. The Fireside Chat and Your Purpose Brand

Starting the Process of Opening Up


The Fireside Chat and Your Purpose Brand - The Fourth SpaceWhat is the difference between an open and closed question? Well, put simply, a closed-ended question requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, whereas an open question involves more thought. It is not as narrowly defined and requires your brain to access a larger amount of information to arrive at a response. This is the start, the kernel of The Fireside Chat and Your Purpose Brand.

The longer the answer, the greater the opportunity and space there is to demonstrate your own understanding. The more open the question is, the greater the likelihood that something that is close to your heart will be brought to the fore from your subconscious to your conscious thought. That is the power of a comfortable setting and an open questions. That is why the The Fireside Chat and Your Purpose Brand is so important to connecting your true values with your target audience.

This allows you to access your inner drivers; your inner soul and your soul compass drivers. These sole compass drivers are all based on experiences we’ve had in life that have helped to shape us into the people we are today. The experiences we enjoyed. The experiences we did not  enjoy. These are eqully important in shaping  the inner drivers that contribute to our life-force. We can then find a platform for them to flourish and thrive in order to live a meaningful life.


Come and Sit by the Fire: The Fireside Chat and Your Purpose Brand

At The FourthSpace, we start with a fireside chat. We ask a series of open-ended questions which allow you the freedom to pull out your most important inner drivers. These act as a guiding light for things that are most important to you in your life. They will form the foundation for what you want to do to live, thrive and survive. We have found that theaspects of your life that are most important to you are contained in the words that you most frequently use. These words have been pulled from your subconscious and are most frequently used in our fireside chat. Collectively or individually the words are all connected with a golden thread of what gives you life force energy.


The Fireside Chat and Your Purpose Brand - The Fourth SpaceWe use technology to distill these words and present them back to you in an easily digestible format of a art word-cloud. This allows you to access your deepest subconscious drivers and these act as your sole compass. We have found that people have a wide range of positive reactions to having a mirror shone upon the soul. This can be anything from affirmation that you are on the right path to discovering one word that is gold dust.

Don’t waste a lifetime on the wrong path

Of course, you might also discover that you are on the wrong path, although this happens very rarely. But whatever you find out, from the broad range of affirmation to discovery, it is better to know which path  you are on, rather than waste years, months, decades, or even a lifetime following the wrong path.

That is what we help you discover. The Fireside Chat and Your Purpose Brand is for the rest of your life.

– Nick Horton, The Fourth Space founder

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