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6. The colour psychology of Brand You II

How Do Colours Affect Us?

So, let’s start by clearing up one of the misconceptions of the colour psychology of Brand You. We all interact with colour in three main ways. Firstly, we all have our favourite colours which are based on positive experiences, as well as colours we associate with less enjoyable events. The most obvious example of this is to do with your sports teams, where you associate a colour with your chosen team and it naturally becomes your favourite.


Secondly, you associate colours with culture. So, in different countries, different colours will have unique meanings based on the history and culture of that particular place. For example, the concept of a white wedding dress was popularized by Queen Victoria at the time of her wedding, but before that, white was not associated with weddings. In China, red is associated with luck but it is a popular misconception that red is used in Chinese restaurants to stimulate appetite.

What is colour psychology of Brand You

In the same sense, that the ear has the dual functionality: hearing and balance, the eye performs two functions. Light sensitive cones in the retina at the back of the eyes send electrochemical signals to the  visual cortex. However, retinal ganglion cells respond to lights by sending signals mainly to the central brain region called the hypothalamus. This is a key part of the brain responsible for the secretion of hormones which control aspects of the body’s self-regulation. This includes: temperature, sleep, hunger and the central nervous system.

The most obvious example of colour psychology is colour use in product design. 60-90% of your supermarket purchase choices are dependent on colour psychology combinations. It has an immediate impact on your emotions. Impulse buying is real. Therefore, we help you use the impulsivity to connect your audience with the colour psychology of Brand You.

– Nick Horton, The Fourth Space founder
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