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2. The Word Cloud and Brand You

The Word Cloud and Brand You


The word-cloud is an important part of the soul compass that can guide you on your surfboard as you ride up and down on the unpredictable waves of life. Google states that a word-cloud is: “an image composed of words used in a particular text or subject in which the size of each word indicates its frequency, or importance.” In other words, the greater the frequency use of a word, the bigger and bolder it appears in the word-cloud. Introducing the word-cloud and Brand You



How to Use Your Word-Cloud

Fiction writers use word-clouds to check the frequency of the words that they use. Everyone has their own distinct language footprint in which they will tend to use the same words with a greater frequency than others. A word map will be able to detect and highlight these words. It allows writers to check they are focusing on the right characters or plot points and they can decide whether there is a need to re-evaluate a manuscript based on character development or nuance of plot.

It’s also a fantastic way of collecting your customer`s pain points. Customer feedback from interviews can be visualized in simple and identifiable ways that help to focus what is most important to them.


Sitting by the Fire

Our fireside chat is designed with open ended questions, which will pull out what is most important to you. Quite often who you are is just below the surface, but is difficult to define because you live and breathe it every day. However, just by telling your story you can become consciously aware of “brand you”.

Therefore, we will discover your energy drivers that form the engine room of what makes you live, thrive and survive. The greater the frequency of the word used, the greater the importance the subconscious holds for that theme or word. Considering that the subconscious drives 99% of our behaviour, it is incredibly beneficial to understand what those larger words are, and what themes or words that your soul uses to drive you. We hold a mirror up to your inner drivers for you to gently reflect upon.

The word-cloud can help with your ability to strategize and focus on the things that are important to you and make your heart sing. It will enable you to communicate who you are with to others, both verbally and visually, and it will help you with your tone of voice. The word-cloud and Brand You is the secret door that allows you to shine a mirror on your inner drivers and connect with the customers you most want to work with.





“Use to create… the next years of my own and my business development” Katie Hart (Neuromarketer)


– Nick Horton, The Fourth Space founder
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