The Soul Compass Brand: Bringing Everything Together – A Celebration of You

When was the last time you had three minutes totally dedicated to you? A song written for you in response to you just being yourself? And then, at the end of the first performance, everyone chants your name?


Now, extrapolate that to hours dedicated to people understanding you; actively listening to you. Meanwhile, you are free from sub-conscious expectations of yourself and expectations of others.

Replace that song with a visual strategy that acts as a visual transmitter and attracts the groups of people you most want to work with. It creates internal business cultures as a communication tool and acts as a reminder of your soul’s need for inspiration, as well as a sense check for the darker moments in life.

Replace the audience chanting your name with an audience that is attracted to you through a combination of word-clouds, colour psychology and a deeper understanding of your soul drivers.

Writing Your Story

All of this is wrapped up in a “Little Book of (add your name here)”. A book that can sit on your coffee table or hang on the wall as art (acting as a great icebreaker or reminder to self). It creates a consistent visual transmitter across all platforms that is consistent with the rest of your brand and  serves as a communication to your full suite of creative partners, saving you time and money repeating that conversation.

You are now free to be yourself. Relax and let your desired audience come to you, leaving more time to focus on the aspects of your life and business that really matters. Free to live a life that is full of your OWN passion, that makes a positive impact on the world and is based on an integrity that only you can own. Your own soul.


– Nick Horton, The Fourth Space founder