Retaining talent with Brand-You

A staggering 75% of employees will not remain or join a company who’s brand is not consistent with their own values. So what is Brand-You and how does it connect with

Despite a significantly high unemployment rate and feelings of uncertainty generated by the pandemic, the spike in people quitting their jobs has hovered at record-breaking level in the US. Many consultants are suggesting as much as 40% of employees are currently thinking about leaving their jobs.

Why is this happening? One reason is grounded in economics: Pent-up supply of job hoppers and spare cash from lack of activity during lock-downs. The one I want to focus on is employees have a newfound motivation to find meaningful work. Arguably for the first time since farming brought humanity into collective units there has been a collective pause. Time for people to stop and evaluate their existence, there place in the world, what their life-time goals are. Not everyone has this luxury but more than ever before.

So the challenge for employees given that new reality is back to the 75% statistic in the first sentence. How do employers retain and attract talent… well we would suggest the starting point is clear, authentic and well communicated values that can be backed up with action rather than just empty words. The action based evidence is defining for employees. There is an increasing need to feel part of a reality rather than fake, baseless words.

So that What is Brand-You? How do you communicate this?

– Nick Horton, The Fourth Space founder
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